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About Us

Solely Shoes has been trading since 1993, and quickly established itself as a leading Independent Footwear Specialist in Liverpool.
However we now only operate online.
(We no longer have a physical bricks and mortar retail store)

We were amongst the first to go web-based too with our webstore, this was, at the time, to complement our full retail shoe store in the heart of Liverpool’s Cavern Quarter, just off Mathew Street. This was at the time when many manufacturers would only supply footwear to those who had physical shops!
But sadly the independents in our Cities and High Streets are far and few between now, the retail climate is not on their side – the big boys taking over, there are high rents for the best locations, manufacturers having their own online presence

This webstore is now the clearing place for all the Solely Shoes stock from our warehouse … with all of the the Cheaney’s, Barker’s, Tricker’s etc… on for a great discounted price.
We will not be restocking these so once they are gone, they are gone from solelyshoes!

We are also clearing all of our stock of Panama Jack , Spain Footwear.

** Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the great bargains listed here!

Whilst in our Cavern Walks Store, our own Beatwear brand was born. What started out as one pair of cuban heeled boots has now grown into a fab collection of 60′s style Clothing and Boots.
So we are now concentrating all our efforts on our own brand ‘Beatwear’ –