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Country Footwear

Country Footwear

The Country footwear is a heavier sturdier range of footwear.

Just great for the Autumn and Winter seasons!

Here for your convenience we have put the Country footwear under one tab.

We have the Country Shoes and Country Boots from Barker’s, Cheaney and Tricker’s side by side

The Soles are usually heavier than regular footwear – click on the bold words to go straight to the pages with the Country footwear containing these soles.


Leather Sole

Trickers Burford Leather Sole
Trickers Burford leather sole
The Country Leather Sole :
usually a little bit heavier leather is used for the country footwear



Commando Sole 

Trickers Henry Commando Sole
Trickers Henry Commando Sole
The Commando Sole :
A heavy Rubber Outsole- with rubber centre star medallions and cleats around the outside to provide both cushioning and traction on this chunky hardwearing sole


Dainite Sole

Trickers Stow Dainite Sole
Trickers Stow Dainite Sole
The Dainite Sole :
a high quality usually non-marking rubber soles, the dainite studded sole gives comfort and grip in all
conditions, with no cleats or heavy grooves
to hold the dirt.